Some say that we have no idea whether God exists or not. Others say that there are lots of things that are beyond human comprehension. Thomas Henry Huxley thought up a word for this: agnosticism.

One thing that is surely beyond anyone’s ken is the mind of a writer. I would say that not even the most self-aware writer is fully cognisant of the nuances of meaning of his own words. It, therefore, amuses me to see learned critiques of books and poems written dozens, if not hundreds of years ago, which purport to know the hearts and minds of their authors. If I can’t fully understand my own words, then what hope can even the most educated of scholars have to uncover my motivations, much less those of the long dead.

Can’t think what else to write about this so here are a couple reviews of a banana slicer as seen on Amazon:

30 thoughts on “Agnosticism

    • Hahaha – yes – doesn’t it look like a wonderful purchase! I spent a good three and a half seconds wondering how it could be included in one’s love life before I could stop myself. 😀
      Thanks regarding your love. Your blog is pretty cool too, you know. 🙂

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  1. I think this is a brilliant post!!! I completely agree with your opinion on critiques… Words have forever kept me in the dark about the truest of their meanings! Even those that I have penned down are not completely honest with me… While it’s strange on one hand, it’s amazing on the other!
    And that banana slicer review… I’m still giggling 😀

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  2. I totally agree. I don’t understand all that I write so I don’t think I understand all that other people write. The author I am reading now is kind of scary though. He writes thing that totally resonate with my own ideas. It’s spooky and he just keeps on doing it. I like him.
    The banana slicer … I wouldn’t buy one. LOL How hard can it be to slice a banana? And I didn’t giggle when I read the reviews…. I roared with laughter. The answer to the review was a hoot! Her bananas all curve the other way. ROFLMAO!! I’m still laughing about that. I am hoping these aren’t real reviews but on the other hand they just might be. I have met some pretty stupid people out there.

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  3. Well!

    First thing!
    “Who was that God!”
    Never seen!

    Second thing!

    I hate bananas!

    And most important thing :

    I read many posts n poems in WP.
    Though I have felt some r “artificial” (forcefully written! I hate that!)

    Writing should be like a dream!
    Like those beautiful stars!
    like blue green fresh lake water!
    Wenever you read it!
    It shud bring tears; joys” feelings! dreams! imaginations!

    I love to read the posts which r heart-touching rather than perfect and in order!

    I don’t believe there shud be any rules for pouring ur heart out!

    Writing is the most beautiful thing on Earth: !
    Becoz its like philosophy
    cognitive science
    Dreamo-logy (smiling)
    and astro-physics!

    lots of love

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