In reality, there are no experts in the field of writing. There are only self-appointed authorities who have some knowledge of the history of literature and who love to compare the present to the past without any knowledge of the future.

In this realm – that of creative writing, there are no gods, no divine beings and no supernatural phenomena that have any right to tell you what you should or should not be doing.

Here’s how to break yourself free from the bounds of what-should-be and leap into the reality of you’re free-to-be:

  • Advice. Stop reading writing tips (apart from this one, of course). Just rely on your native wit and write directly from your heart.
  • People. Remember that as of 28th May 2016 8.44am GMT – 7,425,483,132 people live on this planet, and they are all different. Even if just a tiny proportion of these people like what you write, this gives you a massive audience.
  • Love. Be nice to people. When you’re nice to people, they tend to be nice back. Say nice things about what they do and they will tend to like what you write.

And besides all of that – you’re writing for yourself, right? So at the end of the day, who gives a flying frankfurter what any of those billions of people think. Just put pen to paper or finger to keyboard or voice to your recorder and set yourself free into the joys of creating.

Be the god that you deserve to be. This is your time. And remember that I love you.

What are you going to create today?


38 thoughts on “Atheism

  1. Robert!
    Just now I commented on one of friend’s Blog about this, she said in her Post that when she writes, the posts write themselves and I was impressed so I commented there you could see that.I herewith give you that link, she is an avid traveller and posts of things of her travel and a very nice human being. Beth Byrnes is her name. My comment is connected to your this post.
    I vote to your opinion.
    I think its Good Morning to YOU!

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  2. i’m going to create my next post! because at the end of the day i do write for myself – so selflessly said, in the realm u just discussed. thank You, for quite a refreshing post as i wait for my sister to dress up to take her out for ice cream :$ hehe 🙂 have a beautiful sunday!!

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