Here’s something that you might not know: there is an old English concept of ‘onement’, which means reconciled. To be at onement (atonement) thus means to set aside differences.

One little-known aspect of creative writing is Creative Confession. This is where a writer confesses to past sins, by writing them down, in the hope of attaining a state of absolution.

These are the essential steps required for this often difficult discipline:

  • Code. Subscribe to a moral code. There are many available and if you do not already have one, then all of the major religions and spiritual paths will have one that can be used for this exercise.
  • Secrecy. If there is the slightest chance that someone will read your document then you will not feel free to detail the full extent of your sins.
  • Completeness. If you do not dig out the complete root then there is alway the chance that the plant will grow back from what remains.
  • Truth. Don’t be tempted to add false elements into the truth so that it is diluted. Stick to the facts so that you can reach to the core of the sin.
  • Glamour. Resist the temptation to make the sin seem attractive in any way. If you try to make wrong seem right, then you will not be as inclined to stop doing it.
  • Defending. Never try to explain away or justify the sin. Again, this will leave you more inclined to repeat the act.

Creative Confession is not, as the name suggests, geared towards creating a fiction. Rather it is a tool to honestly examine yourself and ascertain the truth of where you stand on an inner landscape with relation to certain truths and falsehoods. Only when you can fully understand what you have done wrong, can you start out on the journey towards putting it right.

What mistake have you made that you could put right, and therefore bring benefit to yourself and others in the process?


11 thoughts on “Atonement

  1. I don’t agree with ur last lines!

    Yah! Everyone makes mistakes in life!
    But u kno! this can’t b a reversible process!
    Done is done! Only u can fear n regret!
    can’t go back n stop or change!

    I wish time travelling was possible:
    I m waiting for this technology! :d

    I hope cognitive scientists n engineers make it possible someday! oneday!

    how lovely life wud be!

    No Rob?

    cheers : )

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    • I guess I just mean that the past is past and is done (aside from the possibility of time machines) and so …
      Actually, that’s not what I mean at all. What I mean is that there is nothing to be gained from trying to say that a wrong thing is right. Might as well admit that it was wrong and then move on into the future whilst promising not to do that same wrong again. The law of karma allows us to balance out any wrong things we’ve done in the past with right things done now or in the future.
      How lovely life would be if we could right the past wrongs? Maybe. But I’ve got enough on trying to right my present wrongs at the moment.
      I guess there’s a reason why this is one of my most unpopular posts.:)
      Cheers to you too, my dear.:)


  2. Hi Robert…this is the post I was reading earlier today. Now I read it again…and if you think it is one of your more unpopular posts I would venture to guess that the reason for that is because it is really hard for people to REALLY examine themselves and things they have done. I love this post and I get it…it’s not like we really want to go back and do something over…but what is the point of going through it without examination, and then condeming your life to repeat things over and over…? I just had a conversation today…that because of an abusive background I tend to “learn” by finding a way for what I don’t want to happen…and I understand why and how that happened. But now, as I continue my journey, I would like to put the emphasis on what I DO WANT!! But again…how do we know one without the other?
    Have a super wonderful night!

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