As soon as someone becomes interesting to write about they cease to be annoying. And everyone is interesting enough to write about.


74 thoughts on “Interesting

      • Thats even tough–er than before!

        Hey! Robert!

        sky at kathmandu is bit black
        and raining
        since many days!

        and its making roads wet
        people cold
        and me colder!

        (simply! without any metaphor)
        : )

        how’s earth there? : d

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      • In about an hour I’ll go outside and touch some earth and then I’ll come back and tell you how it feels. πŸ™‚
        To say that was a tough question, you answered it very well. Metaphor is good for poetry but not always best for conversation.
        When I see the sky it makes me feel free and at the same time reminds me that I am protected by something bigger and more powerful than me. Even though the sky seems far away, it pierces me through and through. Oh, actually – I might be getting confused between sky and atmosphere.

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      • sure!
        will b waiting to know, how actually the earth is!
        so much curiosity!


        I think shud borrow some inspirations from u
        feeling free
        protective! wow

        I feel lost! wen I see… “oh myyy:! the sky is blue?”

        kiddin : )

        stay happy

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      • I hope that your name really is Jyotee (as the URL blog suggests) because I just dedicated a post to you. Still – I’m pretty sure I can edit it if not.
        Any inspirations you can get from me, you can keep – no expiry date – they are yours.
        I appreciate your sense of humour. You know where it lives and you know that it loves.
        And it reminds me of this:

        Oh – the URL for my post?

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      • Jyoti!!! πŸ˜€
        Welcome to a brand new, never before experience day that’s going to bring you sunshine and showers and marvellous flowers!
        You know that it takes one to know one – right? And that this automatically makes you into a wonder too? Yeah?
        Oh, and hey – did you see the Batman/Superman movie? If you did then you saw who saved them all at the end … πŸ˜€
        I’m doing good thanks – how’s you doing my fine, furry friend?

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      • :d

        Who saves at end?

        I don’t watch much movies. yeah heard this one and know quite abt it! : )

        super-natural stories rock! ✌

        I m so good. I just described in another comment!


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      • Batman and Superman battling it out, and then … someone else arrives. Obviously can’t tell you who, because that might be a spoiler for others.
        And yeah, it’s a bit of a supernatural story, although perhaps not in the way that you mean.
        Yep – you’re good – true enough. Do you look like your profile sketch? Did you draw that? Can I ask you questions? πŸ™‚

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      • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) –

        I know!

        u dont need to tell : p : d

        Oh my! did I say I m good!


        I must have meant u r good : d

        I m not good.
        I didn’t draw dat!

        I got it somwhere!

        : )

        can I ask u questions? : d
        wat kind of question was that!

        : )

        good nyt
        with little rain
        more moon-light!
        and stars!

        : d

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      • Thanks for that, but still – no spoilers, my dear. πŸ™‚
        Yes, you said that you are good and I agreed with you so everything is okay in that direction.
        Now I must see something that you have drawn. Oh, what are you studying by the way?
        Yes – you can ask me many questions – that one included. πŸ™‚ That was an introductory question.
        It’s still day time here and you are far into your slumbers, comfortable in your mind and … oh, wait – I think you just got up to pee. Don’t worry – not looking. πŸ™‚
        And after all that – Good Morning! πŸ˜€

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      • yah!

        life”s so hard!
        go college
        come back
        do ur stuffs
        prepare of exms

        : )


        I m tryin to study computers : d

        strange No!

        Studying abt machines (seriously)

        Just now I m realising I m studying abt something soneone discovered yrs ago! wow


        I think its nyt there n u r sleeping sound : d

        Good morning to u!
        wen u opn ur eyes!
        n see this comment !


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      • Spooky!
        I studied Computing with Psychological Studies at university. πŸ™‚
        Computers might have been invented a while ago, but AI is more recent and machine consciousness is still in the future. The ability to upload ourselves into the net is still further in front and synchronisation of human consciousness with the quantum nature of the universe via thought-powered semi-sentient nano-circuitry hasn’t even been thought of yet (until now).
        Keep plugging away at college – you’re on the cusp of something wonderful.
        When I opened my eyes, the world winked into existence enabling you to smile and say ‘cheers’ – and that was good enough for me.

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      • hiya! Rob

        how have u been? : )

        aha! Psychology! gr8!

        yeah AI n most recently they call it cognitive science! (I guess u know it better than me)


        Thanks !
        u r so kind :d

        Thank you for that!

        lots of wishes n misses!
        god dag : )


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      • Hiya Chicklet (can I call you that?) I’ve been absolutely glorious and am so still.
        I put up a piece of something approaching poetry today and I’d be massively happy if I could get your expert eyes to look at it and then your mind (via your fingers) to tell me what you think. πŸ™‚
        You’re welcome to all that other stuff – you’re worth all the good words I have.
        Ciao, bella! πŸ˜€
        Later potato.

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  1. That’s exactly what I do when I’m annoyed with somebody. I write about why I am feeling annoyed and then I try to see it from their viewpoint. I might write a little or a lot but I write until I’m no longer annoyed. Then I am relaxed and fall right to sleep. Been doing that for quite a while. Once in a while I get relaxed right in the middle of journaling and fall asleep. I usually sit in bed with my back up against the wall so it’s not had to fall asleep there. I wake up with scribbles (no words darn it) on my journal page. I could wish that my sleeping self would leave me a little message instead of a few inky blotches and lines.

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  2. This is wonderfully amicable. What makes a man laugh makes a man cry. What makes a man live can make a man die. What makes a man fall, also, makes a man rise. The answer is people.
    I am in love with the one thing I hate the most: people.

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