Mystical Experience

When you read between the lines you try to understand what someone implies, but doesn’t openly state ...” (

Try writing about what you read between the following two lines:









I’m very interested to know how you get on with this.

Pray tell.


24 thoughts on “Mystical Experience

  1. Here’s my take: this is a play on words, a trick. “Read between the lines” as understood by me usually means grasping the thought content that comprises the bulk of the iceberg belying the published content, what is exposed at the surface. You asked us to literally read between actual lines, where of course there is just a blank spot and one starts wondering if it is an optical illusion or if he needs to pray that the words will appear. Not a total ruse however, as the thoughtful reader may take this as an invitation to investigate what the terms “read between the lines” means to him personally.

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    • You’re pretty much spot on there. My intention was to promote thought, but more than that, I wanted readers to go beyond their normal, everyday thoughts (the ones that (as you say) are exposed at the surface) to find what is (usually) hidden underneath. There’s a great tradition in writing of accessing the subconscious and writing from there. I’m always looking for tricks that enable me to do that and this is where I’m heading with this post.
      Thanks so much for commenting and more than that, for thinking. πŸ™‚

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