What’s a toothbrush for? For brushing your teeth – right? The clue is in the name! Brush your teeth properly and you will have clean and bright teeth – agreed? (keep nodding your head – you’re doing fine)

Similarly, when you are thinking about writing, if you follow these simple, but effective directions, then you will be much more likely to have a worldwide bestseller:

  • Haunt the library. Turn up the doorstep of your local library and refuse to leave until you have located every single book on Creative Writing – then read them all. Make notes, do all the exercises. Twice.
  • Annoy the darkness. Turn on the light before the sun comes up and put your freshly attained knowledge to work by getting some writing done. Then do some more, the morning after.
  • Frighten your first drafts. Don’t be content with writing an article, story or novel and then sticking it at the back of the sock drawer unread. Read it and revise it according to your God given good sense. Then, when you think it’s good enough – get it out there.
  • Throw the blogosphere into a panic. Grab yourself a free WordPress blog (other blogging platforms are available), give it a catchy name and post your writing for the world to see. make sure you tag it – this makes a heck of a lot of difference for some reason.
  • Terrify EVERYONE you know, and some that you don’t. Print yourself some little cards (or bookmarks) with your blog’s name on them and scatter them like rice at a wedding to everyone that shows even the slightest interest in your writing. Consider having t-shirts printed with the name of your blog on them. Think about running some posters off. Consider starting your very own fan-club (use and set up some monthly meetings – what’s the worst thing that could happen – you spend an evening in the pub drinking and eating crisps?) and appointing yourself President in Chief (then put that on your CV).
  • Give them goose pimples by teaching them how to write. You know that the best way to learn something is by teaching, so get out there and set up some master-classes on all the things you have learned on your journey to the heights of superstardom. What? You need a licence to do that? Well get one then!
  • Take the writing world by the scruff of the neck and shake it baby, shake it. Make a list of all the things that you want to do in the writing and publishing world and get on with doing them, one by one. Listen to the people who tell you that you can do it and leave the others choking on your dust as you move onwards and upwards.

Nothing is actually guaranteed in this world (with the possible exception of kettles and stuff like that), but you can increase the odds of success enormously simply by putting the work in. Dreaming is for dreamers, action is for actors and writing is for writers – so quit dreaming and motivate yourself into getting a slice of the pizza … no, wait – a slice of the action!

Think about motivation and ask yourself – which slice of the action am I going to grab for myself today?

(yeah, no – sorry – I ate all the pizza already … so not that)


68 thoughts on “Toothbrush

  1. Whilst the post is offering sound advice upon the written word, I must take issue with the assumptive belief a toothbrush has a sole dominion for ones gnashers….they have an amazing secondary use for tile grout cleaning…pot of bleach, dip in the old brush, scrub said fluid along the grout lines and walk away for a bit. Return rinse off and jobs a good ‘un…

    One would also recommend (disclaimer clause activated) not then using said brush for ones teeth again….bad form and terrible H&S risk.

    Brought to you by Top Tips R Us….although they are rare in the offering 🤔

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  2. Well, it’s night time here and I’ve just brushed my teeth and I’ve just pushed Publish on another post on my blog so I don’t think I’m doing too badly. 🙂 Love your tips for writing … very motivating Robert. Shame it’s late and I have to go to bed now! 😦

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    • I used to get stuff from the internet, but now I mainly just use my own mind. It’s HUUUUUUGGGGEEEEE and goes back further than I can see. I used to think it was dark in there but just recently it’s all started to light up. If you can imagine banks of light going on in a huge warehouse with a ‘clunk’, ‘clunk’, ‘clunk’ ing sound you’ll have the mechanism but not the view. It’s like worlds within worlds stacked on worlds. And as for running out … I can’t ever imagine that happening. My mind works like a word associator. I start with a word, which brings to mind another word, which … and I guess you know how that goes. You just need to keep reading now to see how the next word turns out. I’m a huge autodidact too with an appetite for new things, so that helps to fill in the gaps, wherever I can find them.
      Okay – I’ve emptied myself of anything related to that question. Next! 😀


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