Code of Hammurabi

If you’re at all morbid then you probably already know that this year marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, but did you also know that 2016 is the 3,770th anniversary (approximately) of the Codes of Hammurabi? No? Me neither until I looked it up on Wikipedia.

‘What’s that all about then?’ I hear you cry! Well, it’s one of the first forms of law, this being a set of 282 rather bloody edicts from the ancient Near East. Most of the penalties involve death, mutilation or money – according the severity of the offense and the status of the individuals involved.

None of this has anything to with what I really want to talk about here, which is: why people leave forums or blogs.

So – here are a few reasons, partly culled from my painstaking research (I read a couple of other blogs) but mostly from my own thoughts (yep – I thunked about it):

  • You fall in love with somewhere else.
  • There’s too much fussing and fighting where you are.
  • Most of your friends have already left.
  • The rules seem to be too arbitrary and unfair.
  • There’s one plonker that’s making your life a misery.
  • You’ve learned all you can from that place.
  • You can learn more from another place.
  • People just don’t like what you have to offer.
  • You did something that you are ashamed of.
  • et cetera et cetera (I wonder what the English is for that?)

Actually, it might be none of the above that make you want to change position, but this would be a great subject for a research paper – this seems to be a dramatically under-researched area. Mostly it’s a question of it just being the natural time to go. We all seem to have some kind of biological clock or spooky sense that tells us it’s time to move from one thing to another, whether it’s from a state of grieving to a state of joy, or from one place of residence to another, or even from one life to the next.

Life’s just one big field of movement and change – it’s inevitable that you’ll be swept up in it. I guess the trick is to move before you get evicted.

What changes have you chosen to make today?


21 thoughts on “Code of Hammurabi

  1. I have this urge to quote random lines of your blog because really, some if them are so beautiful and clever. Forgive me, sir, but without your permission, I quoted a line from the poem you commented on one of mine on a social networking site. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget to add “- Mr Day. #toFrackowiak” at the end 😛
    About change, I’ve decided to make an active effort towards being happy. Doing interesting things. Nothing else can really rid me of that empty feeling that consumes every other feeling everyday, right? I’ve been teaching myself difficult songs on the piano, making cute cards, baking cookies and things I’ve never tried before. And since last night, I’ve deleted every useless app on my phone and find that I don’t really feel lost even without chatting with my friends often! Anything to keep my mind occupied with things of value, sir. I wish I’d made this decision before!

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    • excellent! Change is about changing yourself first and then the things around you change. It’s like – there’s no point in trying to change other people and things because they will never be in your control, so you are better to change the one thing in your control – you (and your thoughts and what you say and what you do and you totally should save a cookie for me!!)
      You are welcome to use any part of my blog and stuff. Just not massive chunks – that might create problems when I turn it into a book and all of that. 🙂
      But seriously, Frackowiak, you can play piano and bake and make cute cards? You’re already a whole person! You’re ahead of me by miles. I can play guitar and I can do beans on toast (an English delicacy) and make cards with warped messages on them, but that’s about it really.
      You feel like a ray of sunshine!
      But jeesh – ‘Sir’!! That’s kind of weird. Stick to Robert. 😀


      • Card-making was one of my New Year resolutions, actually 😂. I made one for the birthdays of people I genuinely like. When’s yours? Might send you one 😛
        Say, when you realise that- that you’re stuck in this one body and it’s the only one you can really control and everyone else is their own being, doesn’t it scare you?! And here I am, unable to control my mind at all! If only it were easier to conquer depression and the negative consequences of over-thinking!
        Robert, your comments are the rays of sunshine that manage to creep into this dark cave my mind has forced me into and light up a smile on my face!
        Thank you!

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      • 30th July is my birthday – I’m a Leo. What about you?
        Not scare – no. It kind of liberates me. I go through bouts of depression when I eat too much sugar. It always passes though. Mind control. Hmm. How do I do it? Wow – that’s a really difficult question to answer. I’ve been meditating for years and years and so I guess that helps. Other than that, I guess I’m always happier when I have something to look forward to. There must be more to it than that – surely! Hmm – I’ll let you know. 🙂

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      • Sugar. The idea of anything sweet sickens me right now, I nearly puked when someone opened up a pack of chocolate, making the whole car smell like chocolate recently. Odd, bc major sweet tooth here can LIVE on chocolate.
        Please do give me tips on mind control ahahh I need them desperately ;-;

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      • It’s all about having the right kinds of thoughts. Anything that gives control away is about trying to change the outside and anything that is about taking control is about the inside – the things in ones own mind. Like trying to make people like you gives control away and trying to make you like yourself takes control back.
        So – just love yourself. And not like what Justin Bieber means. 😀

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      • The right kinds of thoughts.. What would those be, really? I find making a conscious effort to avoid ‘dangerous’ emotions something useful.. Did you see Caprice’s post “Anger”? It got me thinking. I actually created a list of ‘dangerous emotions’!
        So far the one I’m having most difficulty conquering is Infatuation, obviously 😭😩

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      • Okay, to paraphrase myself: the wrong kind of thoughts are those that about trying to change the outside, and the right kind of thoughts are those that are about taking control, i.e. those that are about the ‘inside’ i.e. the things that are in your own mind. ‘He’ is on the outside of you and so ‘infatuation’, as you rightfully say, is a wrong, or dangerous thought. This is because it is about something you cannot ever control.
        There’s this philosophy called Buddhism, and according to it “the Second Noble Truth states that there is an origin of suffering and that the origin of suffering is attachment to the three kinds of desire: desire for sense pleasure (kama tanha), desire to become (bhava tanha) and desire to get rid of (vibhava tanha).”
        Basically, these are desires to get (or avoid) things outside of you (things you can never control).
        I haven’t seen the post about Anger yet, but I’m going to have a look later – thanks for that, Frackowiak. 🙂

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      • That’s interesting. Thanks for sharing so much extra information with me, Robert! My god, I should just convert to Buddhism hahaa
        Seriously. I need help, ugh!
        Also, the links you’d commented earlier, can you put them all in one place for me as they’re getting a little difficult to find now? Thanks 🙂

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      • You’re welcome. Buddhism is pretty cool.
        Help? Maybe there should be a class at school called ‘How to deal with infatuation and all that kind of stuff’. I, for one, would sign up to that like a shot!
        Not sure what you mean about putting all the links in one place – don’t you get, like, a notification when someone replies to you? Just follow the link back when they do and put that in a file or something?


      • They’re difficult to find, I don’t know. I’m losing track of which ones I’ve already checked out and which I haven’t and I’d love to reply and give you my opinions on them but everything’s so mixed up and confusing right now UGH
        There are classes like that! You go to a shrink, because you’re crazy. >.<
        Forgive how I threw those words around. I'd never have, under normal circumstances. I'm just in such a bad mood right now, Robert, sorry!

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      • That’s funny, you don’t seem to be in a bad mood. You seem rather chipper and chatty actually. And, of course, that was then and this is now and so that too probably passed (to paraphrase the ancient wisdom: ‘this too will pass’).
        Yeah, I don’t really have a magic bullet when it comes to WordPress – I just look at the comment feed thingy and just work through them in order. I’m trying to catch up now but I’m about 50 comments in arrears.
        Ah – the price of fame! 🙂


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