We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town beep-beep.” (David Bowie)

So near as I can tell it’s a chicken’n’egg thing. The fashion industries create new clothes and the people wear the new clothes that the … brrrrp. Stop – rewind.

I thought I knew something about fashion but I’ve just done a little reading and it turns out that I know nothing! All my carefully nurtured pre-conceptions about fashion houses being evil overlords, forcing us to wear clothes for a season and then declaring us to be out of fashion a single season later. S’not true you know. No it’s not.

They are actually looking out for us. They are dedicated to bringing us clothes for every conceivable occasion at prices that won’t break the bank. Yay for the fashion houses!

Oh, wait – just had a thought: maybe I’m getting them mixed up with mass markets or supermarkets.

Yeah, okay. Got it now. Here’s how it is:

  1. design
  2. catwalks
  3. rich people
  4. rich folk buy
  5. rich folks in mags
  6. poor people read mags
  7. poor people want what they see
  8. mass producers listen to poor people
  9. mass producers do cheap knock-offs of designs
  10. back to square one for those wonderfully busy designers.

Don’t you just got to love the wonderful fashion industry, the ever nurturing fashion industry, the beautiful and beautifying fashion industry!

I was going to show you a gratuitously beautiful model wearing something smart, sexy and practical but then realised that there are a million blogs out there doing that so why follow the herd.

But then again – why not?


… and because I’m kind and loving person – here’s one for the girls:


54 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. I wear what I like no matter if it’s in or out of fashion. I am all about being comfortable and being in fashions doesn’t interest me in the least. I don’t need to rush out and buy something just because it’s now in fashion. I look pictures of models on the runways and look at what they are wearing and think…. hmmm, no thank you. Would rather wear jeans or yoga pants and a t-shirt.

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  2. Embrace your own style. By the way. I tried to reply to your comment on my art and WP isn’t having it. Basically, I said feel free to comment anywhere you like, always fun to engage with you. I’m humbled you get my poetry. Don’t let the riffraff scare you off. Ha-ha As for the painting, I use resin. What else, I lost my religion and fashion sense long ago bringing it back around to you. Happy Thursday, mate. Cheers xx

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    • I just embrace what I’m comfortable with as far as clothing goes. Unfortunately I’ve been stripped to my Batman boxer shorts at the moment because Miriam (see other comments on this post) has nicked my usual Levis and t-shirt.
      On a totally other subject, I was up for ages last night to get your post to accept my comments! I finally managed it this morning but, boy but you ain’t easy girl!
      Good advice about your other minions – I guess I was just feeling obscurely insecure at the time. I’m going cold turkey this week and it’s quite difficult. Chocolate addiction is a serious thing you know – stop laughing! 🙂
      I can just hear your voice when you say ‘what else?’ and I just said it myself … and the answer is: Happy Thursday to you too, Tosha! 🙂


  3. Hi Robert, a nice take on fashion for sure! As long as supermarkets and discount stores can deliver similar quality and design that those fashion powerhouses will at tenth of the price – I don’t mind the process!

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