Just back from taking a pee and noticed that the porcelain-ware is on this train is called Althea.
I wonder if there’s a toilet designer somewhere who’s had his heart crushed by a woman of the same name?
Makes me think about all the stories raging under the calm surface of the world.
Makes me wonder about your story. Care to share?

26 thoughts on “Althea

  1. My raging story? I got the brush off from a friend I invited to guest post on my blog. He has been wishing for more people to view his blog, which is why I offered. Now, in the post above yours in my Reader, I see him in a seven day challenge from a fellow blogger. I laughed because he’s working hard to promote someone else every day. Which is not what he wants. No argument here just calm observation. Have a great day at work. 😭

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  2. What a great way to get eternal payback after a crushed heart all those backsides compressed against her name LOL. I love passing thoughts like this one. I half inched a bus once from Launceston bus station LOL.

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