It used to seem strange to me how the only successful way to cooperate with someone was to give them exactly what they wanted and yet the only to way to get cooperation from them was to give them exactly what they wanted too.

To expect or demand cooperation is to lose cooperation. It’s as if giving is part of a cooperative effort, but taking is not part of that cooperation. We always have to rely on receiving.

Cooperation cannot be forced. It has to be given gladly from A to B and then given gladly back to A from B. It has to start with joyful giving.

If you coerce someone into giving you something then you will end up with nothing. If you argue your way into a winning position then you have lost. When you use any type of force, whether it is intellectual, moral, physical or any combination of these to get what you want, then you may get this on a temporary basis, but you will end up being resented, reviled and will ultimately be the object of retribution.

If you want to be loved – then give love first. If you want to be rich – then enrich those around you first. If you want cooperation in anything – then be cooperative in all your dealings with the world. Only in this way will you succeed.

Reflect now – what have you given to your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances today?



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