Imagine the few moments before your death. Imagine those few moments when you will experience your whole life flashing before your eyes.

These moments will be worth watching.

You will know satisfaction.

You will have acted on all your ‘what ifs’, dreams, hopes and ideas. You will have created happiness. You will have given help to others.

You will have written your stories.

You will have overcome your fear and pride and you will have loved, but more than this – you will have spoken out for and stood by those you loved.

You will have moved forward steadfastly and will have won.

That is what is going to flash before your eyes.

You will have taken that fire, which burned inside you, and you will have used it to change the world.

You will have recognised that light within you, and you will have shared it so that you could bring benefit to others.

You will have dreamed, and you will have worked to make those dreams come true. You will have  used your courage lift you to higher places.

You will have experienced the trials of the world and then used your sweetness to overcome them and make the world into a better place.

On your deathbed, you will realise that you made it!

You will know that you gave over your time to being the best that you could be. So much time realising the wealth of character and virtue that you had. All that time facing your circumstances and opportunities and thanking the world that you had the strength to make something good out of them.

To all this I have these words to say: you recognised the life you wanted and you seized it with your passion. You knew the future you deserved and you won it with your love.

One battle at a time – you triumphed.

One day at a time – you celebrated.

You strode into the world with your dreams of a perfect life and you made all these dreams come true.

You acted – and it was good.


7 thoughts on “Triumph

  1. This was a nice post, it makes me hope that when it’s my time to go that I can look back and say and feel I did all I could with my writing and I touched as many people as I could with the words I believe in and love when I write. And that I let it all out and left nothing unresolved in my life. 🙂

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