Here is the second of the internal corporate values (the others are personal and brilliant) that may or may not have recently been introduced to the employees of major international corporation. Once again, I urge you not to divulge this information to anyone due to the management making all staff pinkie-swear that they would not tell.

These are the components of the value ‘simple’. The bold parts are the official words, and the other parts are me trying to understand them, but not attempting to ‘over-complicate them by adding lots of detail’ (because that is forbidden):

  • We’re straightforward and easy to deal with. This is all about the processes really. Cutting out red tape, simplifying the ways and means for customers to do things, making communication easier – that kind of thing. This one is sorely needed because it addresses a common customer perception – that it is difficult to get the company’s attention on matters of import to little people.
  • We make complex things clear. We don’t, but we will now. How will we do this? Well – we will empower employees to be so – as if that is the root of the problem. I feel like being pleasantly surprised. I’m having the sincere wish that upper management will take the lead on this. I think  that I’ll start a new initiative called ‘hunt the manager that is making complex things clear’. #simplemanagers Hmm.

Interesting that at the launch party, the chairman said (something like) ‘Simple. We are not simple. We do things in simple ways.’ The gent doth protest too much, methinks.


18 thoughts on “Simple

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  3. Hahaha – you know that I was asking if ‘gee, imagine it worked like that’ was sarcasm (a la Sheldon in BIG Bang Theory). Then I was recognising you giving it your best shot. I like it when people give it their best shot. 🙂
    How you feeling today? (straight question). 🙂


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