I have an amazing job with a very supportive manager. My beautiful wife loves me through all my ups and downs, offering advice and commitment at every step.

My football team – Sheffield Wednesday needs just 2 more points from their final 2 matches of the season to guarantee a place in the playoffs for promotion to the top flight of English football.

I am an intelligent, healthy, loving person at the height of my creative powers. I enjoy my life and all the things that I do and am. I love the company of all the people around me. I have loads of wonderful qualities and I’m growing stronger in these things all the time.

I’m coming closer to God and reflecting his values more and more each day.

The only chink in my armour though is that I’m having real trouble being positive about myself.

I’m desperate for your help with this – what can I possibly do!!


9 thoughts on “Positivity

  1. Keep making those lists, Robert. Start each morning by offering gratitude for the small things. Then, look in the mirror and tell yourself what’s going on. Make statements of fact about the way you want to feel. “I am so happy and I feel good about myself. Every day, something happens to confirm that I am respected and valued. I just got a huge promotion and a raise. I don’t have to work as hard as before; in fact, I get 40% more leisure time with this …” as opposed to, “I am happy but I need…” I find that the external fixes are temporary. So focus on the things you would never do without and start humming that tune. Add harmony with the new stuff. Hope this example helps.

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  2. I was very surprised when I read the post till the end… Because, before I read the last line, I’ve been thinking, “This guy is one of the most positive persons in the world…”
    And then, when I read the last line, I was all, “What the…??”
    Pal, I think you need not worry about this problem much, because, I think that recalling all these things everyday should be enough…

    Is my opinion. 😉


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