logo-heartI’m super confident. I’m confidently happy that good things have come my way and that more good things are coming my way. I’m so confident of my confidence that I can state my confidence and then feel more confident as a result of saying it.

Of course, I’m saying this to feel confident. I’m confident that confident feelings will follow my confident words. I’m confident that comments on this post will follow and I’m confident that they will all say how confident I sound, and I’m also uber-confident that they will praise me for having the confidence to assert my right to say that I am confident.

Affirming my confidence is very important to me. I’m confident that affirmations are truly the easiest to use and most effective confidence boosters. Affirmations of confidence are the super-highway to elevated levels of confidence. I can feel my confidence building as a result of my confident affirmations. I am confident of my confidence.

My confidence of confidence is almost as good as my confidence of confidence of confidence, but not half as good as my confidence of confidence of confidence of confidence. In fact, the more confidence I pack into my confidence, the more confident I feel.

I’m confident that you will understand why I’m talking about my confidence.

How confident do you feel today?



17 thoughts on “Confidence

  1. I am confident that this tenacious little post packs a big boost of confidence sufficient to send insecurities and doubts packing 🙂 Good for you…and thank you for showing us a creative example of how to combat negative self-talk 🙂

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  2. you know what!! while reading your confident post, i realized how you spoke of positivity about one of my posts yesterday.. And to be honest, i have felt a little change since yesterday.. its as if the evil is sort of away from me now.. oh… this is your confidence maybe that has brought a little life back to me

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