I want to see into the heart of the being. I want to let the layers of perception fall away into the periphery of my life and see the joy and experience of being at the heart of all life. I want to raise my voice in praise of the light at the beginning (not the end) of the tunnel. I want to breathe peace in and then swamp the whole of everything with this peace. I want to be a conduit for all the positive energy in the entire universe. I want to bathe in the ocean of light and life so that I become clean and clear enough to be a vessel for God.

That’s how I feel right now.

Physically, I am on a chair that is a little too low for this keyboard and so my shoulders are hunched up a little in order for my wrists to rise about the edge of this laptop. Still, I can feel the impact of my flesh on those metal edges. Wait – let me get another cushion. There – that’s much better.

My eyes are windows for the light emanating from this screen. Squiggles resolve into letters. I’m going to close my eyes now. I feel a fear as I contemplate this. DOne,My eyes are now sclosed and I am rtying uin tge dark, i havd yet to tryst thius process and I can feel myself missing many keys. OOening ehtm agian now. Okay – I’m now going to bold the parts I typed without the use of my eyes – but without correcting anything.

Can you read what I typed?

I just read the words back, and I can figure it out from comparing my memory of what was said, with what I can see on the screen. This is what I meant to say: “Done. My eyes are now closed and I am typing in the dark. I have yet to trust this process and I can feel myself missing many keys. Opening them again now.“I think I did quite well actually.

I think I did quite well actually, but what do you think?

The fear I felt just before closing my eyes did not seem to be warranted. It wasn’t actually as ‘bad’ as I thought it would be. But I wonder – why I did feel fear at all? I mean – I was just sitting in my chair the same as before and I knew that there was no danger of falling off. I was safe. So, what then? Perhaps it was a fear of failure? Or maybe a fear of the unknown? Or maybe a fear of making a fool of myself in front of all you people?

It’s interesting to note that, although my eyes were closed, I could still ‘see’ the screen. I don’t just mean that the light leaked through the thin skin of my eyelids (although it did). I mean that I visualised it in my mind. Sight, it seems, is not just about using my eyes.

I credit ‘How To Know God: The Soul’s Journey Into The Mystery Of Mysteries’ by Deepak Chopra with changing my life, my meditation practice, and the way I think about vision.

Here is an excerpt from my review of the book on Goodreads:

“(Deepak Chopra says:) ‘… the inside of one’s head should be as light as the outside of one’s head …’

I always thought that the inside of my head was dark, with occasional flashes of light (dreams and visions). I got this idea from the impression I get when I close my eyelids. It seemed pretty logical that when I shut off the input from my eyes, what remained was the inside of my head.

But who says that it is so?

Try this as an experiment: open your eyes and look at the things in front of them. You’ll notice that you have a range of just over 180 degrees and that everything is in full colour – right?


You only get full colour from the bit that’s directly in front of you – the rest of it – the periphery – is coloured in by the inside of your head. You can prove this yourself by getting someone to slowly move a coloured object into your field of vision – it’s only when it reaches well into that field that you can tell them what colour it is.

And actually, if you’re in a familiar place – the inside of your head does a pretty good job of filling in a 360 degree picture. It takes the sounds from behind you, combines these with memory and comes up with a full colour image of your wife (friend/colleague/mother/whatever) making a nice cup of tea – even while your eyes are looking in the opposite direction.

Is this ‘real’? Of course not – it’s on the inside of your head!

Even the stuff that’s right in front of you is just the inside of your head interpreting the patterns of lights coming in through your eyes and then making a best guess at what’s really out there. And most of the time it’s pretty good at it. The next time you don’t fall of the edge of a cliff (or down the stairs for that matter) you’ll appreciate how good a guess it is.

But is this ‘real’? Nope – it’s on the inside of your head!

‘But what’s the point of you telling me all this?’ I hear you say.

Well – the point is: God.

The next time you meditate – keep your eyes open – fix your eyes on something in front of you – really focus on it – keep focusing on it – then, with your ‘mind’s eye’, look up.

With a bit of practice, you’ll find that even though your eyes are open and firmly focused, you’ll stop ‘seeing’ whatever is in front of your physical eyes and instead you will see what’s on the inside of your head.

(Bear in mind that really – it’s all on the inside of your head.)

And – you know how they say that ‘God is up above’?

Well, you’ll quickly experience how easy it is to see God once you start looking at the world properly.

Don’t take my word for it – try it.”

So, what is this ‘sight’ business all about really? It’s obvious to me that it’s not just about light entering the eyes – there’s much, much more to it than that.

What does sight mean to you?


14 thoughts on “Sight

  1. We like the style, we love the hairstyle af Gastradamus. He ask how many there are? Lets see your opinion on my stories. Lily has been great, she also has excellent work, but a friend of hers is a of Gastradamus. We’ve been steady for the past 3 days. We had over 300 views yesterday, thing are getting crazy. Perhaps things shall soon be revealed. We want your input, you could get a lot of buzz at Gastradamus.

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    • I’m still holding out for a better explanation. You’re talking like a crazy person, which, frankly, is not a good inducement to visit. 😉
      I get that you’re friends with Lily, and she is great, but still … a little loosening of the ‘we’ and a more personal approach would be appreciated my friend(s).


  2. I do like this. it’s up my street, the delving within. A different perspective to your usual writing. at least from the ones I’ve read, anyhow. What is sight? is it not the tool with which we see. Insight, a deeper awareness and creativity. How about this; Stereoscopic vision. For me, it combines sight and insight making stereo stereoscopic vision similar to the concept of ‘omnipresent’, being every where and seeing within an from without. Its beyond the x-ray vision of superman, A new scope for man?

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  3. Ahhh… you used the words Meditation and God! Good for you! You wont find ‘How To Know God: The Soul’s Journey Into The Mystery Of Mysteries’ by Deepak Chopra on my Goodreads list although Deepak is one of my favorite authors. The books aren’t on Goodreads simply because they are printed books… and well thumbed through as well.
    Sight is complicated, actually. As I said once, how do I know that what I see when I look at something is the same thing that you see? As for typing with my eyes closed I do that often anyway. Seriously, I never look at the keyboard when I type anyway though I do look at the screen for the most part. But not always. It’s an interesting little experiment in writing. I put together a group of words chosen quite randomly and meditate on them very briefly. Then I close my eyes and start writing any old thin that comes to mind. I let my mind ramble on and on for as long as it chooses to do so. There are many “mistakes’ in my typing but nothing too horrible. I could read what you typed quite easily actually. But anyway, some interesting ideas come out when I do this. I put the words together in ways I wouldn’t have thought of doing otherwise.
    Where is God? Is God up in the sky some where? Is there a Devil or Satan down below? Not in my world. If you want to see God just look inside of yourself and then let your mind wander outside and look at the world. What do you see. God. I am a Pantheist so I believe that everything that there is, is God. Someone once asked me if a cockroach was God as well. Now that is the difficult part of the whole exercise… to see God in things or in people that we don’t approve of or that are what we call “evil.”
    Was Hitler God? My mind wants to say no, of course not but I know this cannot be true. People ask why God lets horrible things happen. The answer is that we have free will. God doesn’t step in and stop bad things from happening. We could stop many bad things if we chose to do so. Hitler could have been stopped in his tracks if the people around him chose to do so right from the start.
    I told someone that I didn’t believe in the Devil at all. She asked me how I explained evil and I said “If you look in the mirror you can find the source of evil.”
    Now I think I had better shut up. LOL Sorry about rambling on for so long. You just happened to push the right buttons. As for “Gastradamus” my reaction to that site was “huh?” Maybe I missed something.

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    • Orpha – you can ‘ramble on’ as you call it, for as long as you want. Your rambles are interesting, frequently enlightening, and always filled with good humour and good sense. As for all these questions of what or who is God – can I ask you: is the Devil (your capitalisation) God? I ask only in the spirit of enlightened discussion and respect – not to catch you out. 🙂
      I’ve not been to ‘Gastradamus’ as yet. Let’s see if I make it. His/her spam-ish comments are not inspiring me at the moment. 🙂
      Your exercises sound fascinating, Orpha and sound similar to how I write my stories. Thanks for sharing them.


      • What a strange question to ask…. is the Devil God? I do remember stating that I didn’t believe in the devil so how could I think this thing is or is not God? Lucifer, Satan, or the Devil (and there are other names) supposedly opposes God. That would be like there are two Gods that are having some sort of a war or a competition to see who can rack up the most souls. Sorry, that just sounds plain silly to me. I believe that everything in the Universe is God. That’s what Omnipresent means…. present everywhere. On the other hand, if you believe in the devil then feel free to think that this critter is God. Is that enough of an answer? I have never given it that much thought, seriously.
        I was curious enough to go look at ‘Gastradamus’ and scanned through a bit of it and promptly left. You are right about them being a bit “spamish.” I didn’t leave a comment either. I didn’t need their “buzz.”
        The writing thing is a fun exercise and some strange ideas jump up. Some are worth developing but most aren’t. I keep them all anyway.


      • I suppose when you say ‘everything is God’ or words to that effect then if the Devil does not exist and so it is not a ‘thing’ and so the contradiction vanishes. Then – the Devil vanishes in a puff of logic (sorry Douglas).
        Still not visited Gastradamus so can’t comment yet. 🙂
        Happy weekend, Orpha!


  4. I liked how this post turned out. I never read any book of Chopra, but would like too. However, I do meditate just not in the same way as you. I find it really difficult to stare at a fixed point in space and concentrate. Instead, I meditate while I walk. I try not to judge my thoughts, but to understand where they come from and why I am having them. But the outcome you talked about, I want to experience that! I do have some clarity and discover amazing things. What you described seems much more than that!

    P. S. I’m still waiting for your email. 😉

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