Friends – I have been tested to my very limits!

I have survived three and a half hours in the company of four females at the height of their verbal powers – and I am still smiling!

There is love, there is patience, there is sacrifice and then – there is a man sat listening to talk of … erm … truly, I have no recollection of what was said. I must have blanked it from my mind already, even though it ended barely twenty minutes ago.

I mean no disrespect – sincerely I don’t, but there are some conversations that should only be heard by like-minded people.

I’ll tell you what got me through this experience. I sat cross-legged. I put my head into audio activated swivel mode (so that my face automatically pointed towards the loudest sound source). I set an intermittent smile on my face and a nod on my head, and I tuned into the ocean (okay – the medium sized puddle) of love at the heart of my being.

I find that situations like this are an ideal opportunity to practice the spaced out love that lives on the north side of my mind. I embraced the sensation of detachment and it made me feel so darn good. I touched the kind of bliss that had ensured that the one time I had smoked grass, on a lazy evening in the south of France, was a non-event because I was already high on life. I showered in the state of otherworldliness that made my flotation tank experience last week no different from day to day living. I expanded and became one with the love of all and everything, and those feelings carried me through the events of this evening without a whisper of protest.

Love has saved the day. Love has saved my life. Love has protected my relationships with the people about me. Love rules!

What has love done for you lately?


20 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Oh, just everything! With love, I’m going through hard times and pushing myself, with love I’m carving deep connections, with love I’m learning and guiding. With love I’m discovering myself and being a better person.

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  2. believe me my patience has been tested for the past 11 years… sigh!! I have realized that extreme patience testing fades love away.. and my experience may have been completely different from what others feel.

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  3. Great how you coped and blanked them out and tuned to your radio activated swivel mode.The portrayal, almost , a portrait. I could just see you crossed legged, smiling now and again, among the ladies spacing out. You’ve shown detachment is healthy, and your mega patience is admirable….I used to have that sort of capacity,now replaced with a lack of tolerance and zero patience, to my favour.
    Love, if plutonic and requited, is every thing. Once, touched by its quality the possibilities are beyond our world. Interesting how Einstein said that it ( ❤ ) bends time.

    Really enjoy reading your work.

    Ps I’m writing a piece Faithless Friends, looking at the meaning and surveying its passage. A bit of symmetry, perhaps. ::–)

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    • Hahaha – loved your comment (more like a mini article actually) to bits! 🙂 That bit about love bending time and then perfectly illustrating it by putting a heart into brackets – sheer genius! Thanks for enjoying my work – I really, really, REALLY appreciate that. 😀
      Let me know when you have finished your ‘Faithless Friends’ – I’m looking forward to reading it.
      Must confess that I stalked you a little last night. It’s amazing what you can find online! 😉

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  4. You, sir, are awesome! Absolutely delightfully-deep–with such a generous heart….your sense of humour is irresistible…I’m so grateful and happy that I “stumbled” upon you (I was struck by a comment you made on someone else’s post….”I’m all for not killing ones parents for money”….) Thanks for sharing 🙂

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