Flood Myth

A myth is a sacred narrative concerning the early history of a people that holds spiritual or religious significance and explains a natural or social phenomenon.

It is none of the following:

  • Legend – believable narrative involving events taking place within human history
  • Fiction – stories created by the imagination
  • Fairy tale – far-fetched story involving fairies, elves, giants and the like
  • Folklore – beliefs and practices shared and handed down by people that have something in common
  • Fable – fictional story features animals etc. that speak human language and impart moral lessons
  • Urban legend – fictional stories with macabre elements rooted in popular culture.

There are many examples of myth writing around at the moment – Harry Potter, Superman, Hunger Games, Peter Pan, Shrek, Star Wars to name but a few.

If you want to start working on your own myth building skill then here are a few prompts to get you started.

Write a myth to explain:

  • What makes the Earth rotate.
  • Why the sun appears yellow instead of white.
  • Why a nuclear explosion make a mushroom shaped cloud.
  • What cause the wind to blow in gusts.
  • What fire is made of.
  • Why we have five digits on the end of each limb (usually).
  • What causes freckles.
  • Why noses run in cold weather.
  • Why we get tunes stuck in our heads.
  • Why the other queue always seems to move faster.

As you write, remember these quick rules:

  • Be respectful of other people’s beliefs
  • Step outside the real world
  • Make it sound epic
  • Keep it short.

Above all – have fun and don’t think too hard about this – unless you’re writing a myth about why people that think too hard get headaches!


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