Some fashions last a lifetime, like Levis; others seemed to last forever, like huge sunglasses; and still others slip in and out of existence like gastrotrichs.

Sometimes I see these ups and downs, and I laugh at the way that we fall for the tricks of the marketing guys and gals who work so hard to get us come back to their stores whilst at the same time trying to ensure that their product doesn’t make the same journey.

Why do I laugh? Well, aside from the fact that laughter and having fun never go out of fashion, I just …


It’s far better than the alternative.

Much of what we see passes away. Perhaps everything eventually expires. When you think about it – only the existence of impermanence is permanent. So why do we insist on torturing ourselves by clinging on to stuff so hard?

I think that it’s because at the heart of our being we desire a perfect life and that we are all attempting to project this state of perfection into the world.

Maybe if there was only me (and perhaps you) in the world, this would work out and my happiness would be genuine and permanent. The reality is, though, there are a few billion other people – all trying to do exactly the same thing.

Because we are all slightly different, it  becomes impossible for all  these diverse dreams to come true at the same time.

So what’s the plan?

Someone once said that we could try to get rid of our desires altogether – but how much fun would that be? Not to mention – how achievable is that as a goal?!

Another solution might be to harmonise our desires. If we could all attempt to base our lives around one central concept, then maybe we could come closer together.

Here’s something that works for me: I am consciousness. Above me is a clear, bright light – a kind of airy, pure feeling – a transcendence.

Beyond that – further up, is God.

My aim is to move closer to transcendence and God and I think that if we could all try to do this, then we would become a heck of a lot closer together and the world would be a better place.

I mean, hey – at this point in time, a pack of wolves shows more togetherness than a bunch of people – and that can’t be the right way to be!

What do you think we could do to become more harmonious?


6 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. I think that the best we can do is to know ourselves deeply, and have it as a goal. When we are focused on being our best versions we forget about material stuff, and we pay more attention to others’ needs!

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