For sure – pleasure is in the experience of the experiencer. Whereas one could argue that beauty could either be in the beheld or the beholder, pleasure can only be in the one place. Take away the experiencer and the experience vanishes like a vanishing thing.

The extent to which pleasure manifests is related to the attention one gives it – just as a clean surface appears to the extent to which one rubs it with a cloth.

Can one ever experience complete pleasure? Maybe so, but ask yourself this: that spot you tried to polish out of the window – did it ever truly come out? You would say that it got smaller and smaller as you rubbed and rubbed, but isn’t it actually true to say that you stopped polishing when you could no longer see it?

That spot is still there – even today. All the spots are still there. Nothing ever becomes clean. Cleanliness is a fictional situation because tiny spots – beyond the level of your perception, exist all around us. They are a fundamental part of the nature of matter.

In the same way, pleasure is never fully realised. There are always spots of non-pleasure lurking on the surfaces of your experience. To manifest true and complete pleasure in our lives, we would need to have the mind of God.

The spotless state of being that is God can only be approached. We can know this state, but we can only inhabit this state to the extent that we live in his house. God’s house is in order. Our house can only be in one of several states of disarray because this is the nature of the realm we inhabit.

But, on the bright side, there are lots of nice things to do while we occupy ourselves with coming closer to God. We can be kind to our friends, loving towards strangers, sweet to our family, benevolent to ourselves and trusting that God holds us safe in the palm of his hand at all times.

Sometimes he strokes us gently and sometimes he squeezes us tightly to keep us safe – but God never lets us go – and this is the true pleasure in our lives.


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