Sleeping in Public

Just fell asleep during a seminar called “Creating a Restful and Resilient Mind”. Not sure whether to feel happy or sad about that!


14 thoughts on “Sleeping in Public

  1. LOL… either you must have been very tired or you were bored out of your skull. I had a professor in college who could put an insomniac to sleep. It was a math class and the dolt would stand in front of the class writing stuff on the blackboard. He would say “thus it is obvious that…” and it wasn’t obvious at all. He droned on and on and on and one day I was on the brink of falling asleep but didn’t. That was only because someone else DID fall asleep. When this poor guy fell asleep he started to topple out of his seat. His books were in a stack on on the wide arm of the chair and he clutched at them in a vain attempt not to fall. He fell out of the desk taking the stack of with him which made a loud clatter. We all started to laugh and that woke me up. The teacher looked at the hapless student and said “You should try getting more sleep!” I couldn’t help chuckling about that but I didn’t come right out and tell that man how utterly boring his class was. It got so bad the even looking at the text book would put me to sleep. Needless to say I got a bad grade in that class.

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    • Interesting story Orpha – also very amusing too. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I was going for irony in my original post – looks like I missed.
      A was saying that the seminar was about ‘Rest’ – so if I fell asleep I would learning from the words and would get some rest, but by the same token – it I fell asleep I would not be learning – because I would be sleeping instead. ๐Ÿ™‚


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