This one is only for the intelligentsia among you – anyone else should go and do a sudoku.

Literature is an absolute riot! Never in the history of writing have so many phrases been invented to describe so many disparate, yet similar things.

Here are a few of the terms relating to literature along with their commonly accepted meanings:

  • Literature refers to written productions deemed to have artistic or intellectual value.
  • Literary fiction generally refers to fictional works that focus on themes (social commentary, political criticism, the human condition) rather than on plot.
  • Literary merit refers to a high quality of writing attributed to works of Literature (drama, poetry, prose).
  • Literary criticism is the study, interpretation, and evaluation of literature.
  • Literary theory is the study of the nature of and the methods for analyzing literature.
  • Literary elements are the necessary features of works of narrative fiction (plot, setting, character, theme, mood, structure, tone, language, narrative mode, point of view, conflict, genre, imagery).
  • Literary techniques are optional features of literature that consist of strategies used to relay information and thus, develop the narrative (settings, plots, perspectives, styles, themes, characters).
  • Literary genre is rather a contradiction in terms old boy!

There – I told you it was high-brow stuff. Don’t you wish now that you’d gone and done that sudoku?


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