I like being happy. I like the feeling of happiness in my head and heart – a kind of airy feeling as if I’m hyperventilating, sneezing, yawning, falling asleep, or waking up.

There is a theory that happiness comes about automatically when we put a proper smile on our face – one that involves the eyes. There is even something called Laughter Therapy that aims to make us happy by inducing an artificial laugh. They say that the laughter becomes genuine after a while.

But these are made up things, because real happiness comes from deep inside the heart.

Here’s how to journey to your heart and back:

  1. Tune in to the chatter in your mind, then put it to one side
  2. Listen for a silent voice that speaks to you of being home
  3. Follow that silence into an ecstasy that opens to greet you
  4. Dwell in that pure ecstasy until it becomes difficult to leave
  5. Birth that happiness into the world with your eyes and smile.

Having found that pure happiness in your heart, you will never lose it again. This true joy can be accessed at all times in all circumstances. This eternal bliss depends on nothing for its existence, and no power on Earth can take it from you.

Find your true happiness, cultivate it, grow it to its full extent and share it with as many people as you can manage to meet. Happiness shared is happiness grown.


32 thoughts on “Happy

  1. That sound a great deal like what I do before I go to sleep. (unless I am as sleepy as I was last night. LOL) I lay quietly with my eyes closed and open my heart and mind to God. And God is always there for me (even when I’m not doing this “talking to God thing”) and then I give up any worries and fears that I might have to this presence I feel. Contentment is a better state than happiness I believe and that’s what I feel when I am talking to God. I am a Pantheist so I believe God is everything in the Universe and thus always with me. I hope you don’t think I’m weird.

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  2. I believe that we should always put a smile on our faces, we are instructing ourselves to make the effort of being happy. But, yes, happiness comes from the heart. I often find the most little things, the more pleasurable ones. Meditation is a big thing to me, as well, I do it in a different way: I observe my thoughts and try to understand where they como from, what other thoughts they originate and why are they on my mind. It’s such a great way to know ourselves and discover new stuff!

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