We are all ‘being’ in one way or another – it’s unavoidable. But some ways of being are better than others. Being kind and loving feels better than being cruel and impatient.

Why is this so?

When we are kind to someone, it increases the chance that they will be kind to us. And when we are cruel we will often find that the person we are being cruel to, gives us the same treatment back, which makes us feel unpleasant.

But wait – does it have to be that way?

When someone is cruel to me, how can I stop myself from being cruel in return?

Simply this: in the face of cruelty – be deliberately kind.

By choosing to be kind, I am taking charge, and creating my own future. If I want to perpetuate cruelty in my future, then all I need to do is frown back and do something cruel. If I want to stop the cycle of cruelty, then I can choose, deliberately and purposefully, to be kind.

  • That person who pushed in front of me in the queue – instead of glaring at them, I instead smile and offer them a piece of chewing gum.
  • The woman who refused to co-operate with me – instead of stomping angrily off, I apologise for my stubborn insistence that she ‘start the ball rolling’.
  • Those children that insist of kicking a ball into my garden – instead of telling them off, I offer to be the goalie for half an hour.

In this way, we learn to be better people than we were. We learn to share, rather than to take. We learn that we can create the future that we want – starting now.



20 thoughts on “Being

  1. True.. We are in charge of our own happiness.. And we can’t let anybody else’s gesture ruin that for us.. Cruelty is not the answer for cruelty.. This way it never ends..
    Nice post.. Optimistic one..!! 🙂

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  2. A friend’s son once told me “You made me angry!” I told him, “I don’t have the power to make you angry as you are in charge of your emotions not me! You are angry because you CHOOSE to be angry.” And I really believe that is so. When things happen we have a choice in how we react to them. When people say “I had no choice!” I always disagree. There are always choices in life. Life is one choice after another. Returning cruelty with cruelty is an endless cycle. Now I need to go to bed… STAT!

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  3. Feeling better this morning. I think I was just too tired last night. I slept 8 hours and I feel better. As for food, I try to eat only good food. I don’t usually buy boxed food as I prefer to make my own food. I love to cook.

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  4. This is so beautiful! I have the same vision on kindness, but it isn’t always easy to follow those steps. We act impulsively, by emotion, so it requires a bit of practice. However, the outcome surpasses our expectations and truly changes our life. 🙂

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