If, as they say, our thoughts create our world, then trying to change the world is the equivalent of a TV broadcaster trying to change the programme that has already been transmitted. Both are extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Instead of trying to change what has already been created, we must send out a new signal. We must change our own thoughts in order to change the world.


45 thoughts on “Change

  1. Neve heard it called that before – I guess you must be thinking of the ‘patriotic hymn’ that probably should be our national anthem. 🙂 I just looked up and read the lyrics for the first time since forever – very inspiring – what!
    But yeah – all is well. I delivered a training session on Excel PivotTables this morning and just got some nice, positive feedback back. I was nervous as heck, but the two hours went by in a flash!
    What did you get up to today Tosha (actually – it’s not even lunch time for you)?


  2. I think you have mastered in English literature. Because all your post are brief and informative. You know how to convey message. Your way of presentation is simply awesome. Keep going.

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  3. Thanks – will try to have fun. Just finished cleaning the house – dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, emptying the bins – that sort of thing – fun, fun, fun! Good luck with your exams. I guess I already asked you this on another post, but which language are you studying in?


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