Wind Power

What motivates you to write? What puts the wind in your sails and sends you speeding across the page? What fires you up?

The answers will be various and multiple and will depend greatly on what kind of a person you are.

That said – here are three fundamental ideas to underpin and facilitate your achievements:

  • Be clear, in you mind, what you want to achieve by the act of writing your story – then require that it be so.
  • Write as if you have already achieved your writing goals. You will begin with all of the words in the dictionary and will then merely remove those that are not relevant to your story.
  • As you write – maintain a feeling of accomplishment in your mind and heart. Create in advance the feeling of achievement you will have when you see your title on the shelves of every major bookshop in the world.

With experience, it will become clear to you that asking for what you want whilst believing that you have a right to it and then visualising yourself achieving what you want, will lead to y’all accomplishing your goals quicker and more easily. Ask, believe then receive.


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