They say that we should learn from our mistakes, but maybe a better idea is to not make mistakes in the first place?


18 thoughts on “Mistakes

  1. True, life would be better if we didn’t make so many mistakes but were all just human so mistakes happen. But I think when we make mistakes and we learn from them we do try not to do them again. It actually helps us become much wiser in the end.

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    • I like what you’re saying Deirdre, but I think that we should not be tempted to want to make mistakes just so that we can learn from them. Do you perhaps agree that it is rather preferable to learn first, so that we have a better chance of doing things right first time?
      I understand and agree that if we do make mistakes, then we should learn from them and yes – this will makes us wiser. πŸ™‚

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    • We try to do many things – some of them come off and some don’t. The one’s the come off are successes, but we don’t really notice them because that is our normal state of being. The ones that don’t come off are called mistakes. We notice these because they are not normal. It is possible, by speaking to people that have been there before us, or from book learning or just natural aptitude to increase our rate of success – even for things that we have never done before. It’s mostly down to how well we prepare. We may still make mistakes; less of them because of our better preparation, but they will still be there. In those circumstances, we learn from the mistakes, and get better. You might say that one of the ways of preparing to succeed is to fail (i.e. make mistakes) but this is not the best way to prepare! πŸ˜‰

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      • I appreciate your question. It’s one way in which I learn. Honestly? I wouldn’t be the same person if I did not get challenged along the way. It’s a big part of my personal growth. Some people see bad things as being bad things (and I’m talking generally now) but I see them as being opportunities to learn something from the situation.

        Okay, I’ve said the same thing three times now. (where’s that embarrassed smiley when you want it).

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  2. To err is human- as the saying goes.. No matter how carefully we take each step in our life, we are sure to stumble at some point..
    But literally speaking.. Yeah.. If we can make ourselves disciplined enough not to be tempted by anything that can harm us, we are sure to make no(read fewer) mistakes. But again we need self-awareness first about what things are good for us and what aren’t.. Sometimes we take the glitter to be gold, and then realize it was a mistake.. We need to first learn to differentiate between glitters and gold..
    Nice post though.. πŸ™‚

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