Feng Shui

As I puffed up the cushion on my chair and sat to write this article, I started to think to myself what does feng shui have to do with writing?

As I tidied the pile of books to the left of my computer neatly away, I began to wonder about optimising energy flows and wondered what effect this might have on my ability to write.

As I placed my glass of orange and the remains of my chocolate bar just so on the right-hand side of my computer, I pondered on how one’s year of birth dictates everything from the placement of one’s bed to the harmonic orientation of one’s grave and yet I was still rather baffled as to what this had to do with the Macbook Pro on which I write.

As I lowered the volume of my music, I puzzled still on the question of what the balancing of yin and yang in the external environment could possibly have to do with my ability to concentrate on writing effectively.

As I perched the laptop squarely before me and began to type, I was still no wiser as to what feng shui could possibly have to do with enhancing the quality of my writing, much less the rest of my life.

Still – I’m sure it’ll come to me.



2 thoughts on “Feng Shui

  1. Don’t look at me for an answer. I pretty much ignore the whole feng shui thing. As for the Chinese Horoscope thing, it makes just as much sense as the whole Scorpio etc. But that’s not saying much. I ignore that as well.


    • Yeah, me too Orpha. But it’s funny how I have to arrange my things ‘just so’ before I start to write.
      Hey, here’s a thought – maybe we don’t need labels like ‘feng shui’ for the things that we naturally do. Maybe we should just get on with life in all its natural, loving beauty. 😉


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