It strikes me that as we progress through life, we cut ourselves off from our sources of happiness and connect more strongly to sources of sorrow.

We need to reconnect with the music that the kids are making these days, the comic books that say so much of life and the nights out when we laughed until dawn.

We need to disconnect from the bad news in the headlines, the routine gatherings around the latest obituaries and the sober nights spent alone in front of the television.

Let us reclaim our happiness before it becomes our own obituary that those we left behind are gathering around.

Sing, laugh and dance for the simple joy of being able to read this right now.


20 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. That is so true what you’ve preempted; in a nut shell:. The issue of unhappiness, its cause and solution. . I really enjoyed reading that because of late I have had the same awareness around this issue, and have reached likewise solutions. Turning away, from things that bear on my happiness, as being prime action. such the headlines, Full of doubt, fear, hate, austerity, regimes…..thanks for confirming that these thoughts are really doing a round.

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