We all have busy lives. No matter how much extra time, money and space we happen to come across – here’s the funny thing: your needs, work and spending tend to expand to fill the gap. This is why, if you want to do something extra – like write, you have to forget about finding time to do it – you have to actively make time.

Making time to write is actually very easy if you are dedicated to your task. All you have to do is follow one or more of these simple-to-apply methods:

  • Do it first. This is about getting up a little earlier than normal each day and, before you do anything else, do an hour of writing. For a start – it’s better to get your writing done when your mind is fresh and unencumbered by other thoughts, and also – it’s easier to get your writing in first, rather than try to interrupt another activity in order to begin writing instead.
  • Cut the crap (and excuse my French). If you sit down and examine what you do each day, you will find that, amongst the productive things you do, there will be many activities that waste your time and energy. These can be things like watching videos of cats playing the piano, checking your Facebook page and sorting your CD collection alphabetically. Identify and cut down on some of the waste and you will find that you have more than enough time to complete your masterpiece.
  • Involve your loved ones. Rather than cutting into the time you spend with you family, consider involving them in your writing world. Maybe your daughter has some ideas that you can incorporate into your latest novel – so ask her. Maybe your wife or husband would be honoured to proof-read your masterpiece – so let them. Maybe your aunt would love to use her shorthand and typing skills by having you dictate your steamy RomCom to her – so … erm, okay – maybe not. But the point remains – you might get more traction with your family if you include them, rather than exclude them from your life.

Actually – the best thing you can do is to enjoy what you are doing. Be energised by it. Then you can’t help but attain enough time to write, have enough energy to get up early and generate enough joy to sweep those around you along on your waves of enthusiasm.


28 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. Truly inspired.. Just the other day, I was wondering how I can actually take out time from my busy schedule for writing.. Given my classes and exams, I couldn’t help but not write.. Thoughts keep circling around in my head, and I yearn to pen them down..but I simply couldn’t take out enough time.. But now, thanks to your article, I know I could have actually made time..I could have actually cut out on the other activities which practically serve no purpose in my life.. Truly said..Its about making time.. Great work.. 🙂

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    • I have a big, stupid grin all over my face – and it’s all down to you Sana. You’re a wonderful person to have around. Please come by again – the kettle is always on and … yep, I have choccy biscuits too! 🙂

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      • And I don’t have to worry about ‘taking out time’ anymore, all thanks to you.. Simply loved reading each post of yours.. Couldn’t really ‘not-read’, any of them.. I literally had to tell myself to stop and go to bed last night.. Haha.. Your approach, the way you think..The way you manage to put a hint of humour in each piece – truly fascinated me..Each of your posts portrayed what a wonderful person you are.. You are an inspiration to me.. Keep writing more and keep inspiring me.. 🙂 ( and do take out a little time to read mine too; after I post another one that is)
        P.S- I like Oreos.. 😛

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      • Ah, but there are so many kinds of Oreos in my cupboard – you will be spoilt for choice!
        Seriously, your comments about my humour and approach make me very happy. I don’t really sit and think about that (very much), it’s just what flows straight out of my mind! I truly appreciate being appreciated – thank you very much Sana. 🙂
        And for an encore … I’m going to have breakfast! It’s 9.31am here in England and I’m going to have to make myself stop typing … now!

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      • And so would I love to be.. 😀
        About your writing.. Free flowing words..I guess that is what writing is all about.. 🙂
        I hope you enjoyed your breakfast.. It’s way past lunch time here.. Oh wait – Its already evening.. I’m gonna head out for some ice – cream.. (Badly need one after all that cramming for exams). 😛

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  2. Seriously?! You were so busy cramming that you lost track of time so that after lunch turned into the evening! Wow – that is dedication! I’m going to head out soon now. I can just picture you sitting somewhere warm (it is 8 degrees C here) enjoying your ice-cream. Yum!

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  3. Haha.. Yeah.. Maintaining a scholarship calls for a lil dedication I guess?? (Though m not really a bookworm or something 😛 ) .. 8 degrees C ?? Wooww!! Can we switch places like for a day or something?? Sure u can bring along ur wifeyy.. 😀

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