Megalithic Monuments


Big fat hairy books are like megalithic monuments in that they are a testament to the age in which they were constructed. Just think of the Harry Potter series and then picture what future generations of readers will think as they look back in awe at the wonder of architecture that J. K. Rowling has wrought.

Follow these tried and trusted tips to be the latest, greatest creator of Epic Literature:

  • Read far and widely
  • Be inspired by your readings
  • Write a book about something cool
  • Edit it until it’s good enough to be published
  • Get rejected loads of times but don’t ever give up
  • Finally, get published to massive critical acclaim – yay!
  • Write a sequel and publish it to ever growing public and critical acclaim
  • Keep writing sequels until you’re so fed up that you want to murder your darlings
  • Adopt a pseudonym, a different sex and then write another set of books under your nom-de-plus
  • Get rejected initially but persist until you get published with minimal sales but then leak that you’re actually famous
  • Laugh publicly at the nincompoops who rejected your new set of books (

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