Belly Dancing

As a solo, improvised act that is dedicated to drawing the attention to the abdomen, belly dancing is really all about fertility and sexuality. Now, here comes that part where I make a tenuous link between the title of this piece and some aspect of writing. And the link is (drum roll) erotica.

If you feel that you may be offended by the frank content that follows, then please do not read any of the words below this line.


I once read that the difference between pornography and erotica is that the former involves stimulating the body whereas the latter is more about stimulating the feelings. I also read elsewhere that erotica involves a feather whereas pornography uses the whole chicken – but that’s a whole different story.

Whatever the definition – sex is a the heart of what it means to be human and, let’s face it, without it, you and I would not be here to read and write this piece.

So, what are the hallmarks of good erotic fiction from the point of view of the aspiring writer:

  • Be subtle. Steer away from blow-by-blow descriptions of the sexual act and delve into the realms of the emotional interplay between your characters
  • Be female. According to the statistics (and we know that they never lie – right?), sales of erotica written by women far exceed those written by men
  • Use the senses. If there was ever a genre of writing that needed to write about all of the senses – sight, sound, touch, smell and taste – it is erotica
  • Avoid cliches. There are certain phrases that have been used over and over again until they are worn, so your challenge is to find originality in the art
  • Make it long enough. Is there a subtle way to tell you why an erotic scene needs to be longer rather than shorter? Nope, so you’ll have to figure it out
  • Don’t lose the plot. Remember that this scene is going to be a part of a larger story so ensure that all events and dialogue are kept timely and realistic
  • Be funny. Maintain a relevant and subtle sense of humour about your erotic scenes because these are just people here. Unless this is Dinosaur Erotica!
Oh, and one last thing – writing is a respectable vocation and erotica, as one small part of the field of possibilities, is no less respectable. Having said that – please don’t tell my wife that I wrote any of this. Mum’s the word – right. Oh – and never, ever mention it to my mom either!

2 thoughts on “Belly Dancing

  1. Well I don’t know your Mom so you are quite safe there. I have seen belly dancing and enjoyed watching. She was very good at what she did and was also very nice. Yes, it’s erotic but there’s nothing wrong with that after all. As you said, it’s a normal part of our lives. As for being a woman, I have that covered. 🙂

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