Facing your monsters is a significant technique in creative writing. Rather than turn away from your personal demons and hide in an activity – such as reading or watching television; instead, turn and face them by incorporating them into your creative fiction. In this way, you will be writing about the sorrows, defeat and losses that are fundamental within the dynamics of humanity. This will speak to your readers like no other technique can. They will be able to identify with your pain, and through your healing, they will also be healed.

On a personal level, through exploring this form of narrative, it is possible to settle those things that can otherwise consume a person. Exercising your voice of honesty provides a great freedom from personal issues of tension and can provide inner healing and closure for many who write in such a fashion.

Such healing may once have been described as miraculous, but in this day and age of scientific progress, it is this very mixing of empirical science and fiction science that may well set us on the road to the kind of wisdom that leads to … a most modern kind of miracle: peace in our times and goodwill to all men. And regardless of the religious feel of this statement, who in their right mind wouldn’t want that!