When Larry was ten he received a cape, mask and gloves for his birthday. He thought that he looked like a proper superhero, but when he posted a picture of himself, wearing his new outfit, on Facebook, his friends didn’t quite share his enthusiasm.

He had a hard time explaining to his parents where the costume had disappeared to but, had they been more perceptive, the smell of burnt rubber in his hair would have told them the whole story.


Although it had seemed easy enough to climb up the sheer rockface, mainly because Larry could see where his hand and foot hold were going to be, getting down again was proving to be not so easy.

He briefly contemplated flying to the the ground, but just before he leapt into space with a resounding “I am Larry, the Unconquerable, Caped, Tornado of Justice!!!” he reasoned that although he surely looked like a Proper Superhero, he should maybe test out his powers from something closer to the ground, like maybe a chair.


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