Read ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King

OMG – I just intended to read a paragraph to get an idea for a tip (duly credited of course) and boy did that book suck me in. Before I knew it I had read seven pages! This is such a wise book, and such a massive page turner.

Do yourself a favour – stop reading this now … wait – one moment … then buy ‘On Writing’ and read it at your very first opportunity.


2 thoughts on “Read ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King

  1. I couldn’t get enough of Stephen King as a teenager, in the eighties. Back then I was a passionate reader and can only wish to ever feel that passionate again ~ it sort of went out the window along with my libido. In the meantime; thanks for the suggestion..! ~Pie~

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    • You’re more than welcome to any suggestions I make. 😉 Yeah – I was prolly reading SK at about the same time as you, and possibly even at the same age. 🙂 I can still read up a storm (I’m going through Charlie Dickens at the moment), but increasingly I’m turning to writing. 🙂
      Hope you’re having a great day, ~Pie~.
      Kindness – Robert.

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