Paleolithic Cave Art

Imagine how liberating it would be if you had no traditions or rules of representation to tell you how your writing must be produced. To be part of a proto-human culture with just a cave wall, a box of colored chalk and the time and space to do your thang is something that we rarely experience in these times of structure and standards.

How would it feel to throw out the rule book and how might we achieve that?

Here are a few ways in which we can get back to the cave, carve our own niche and take it out into the world without fear:

  • Freedom is less to do with how you are in the world and more to do with how the world is in you. To learn how to harness the power of your own world, follow this guide. Sit at a table and place an object in front of you (or use whatever is already there). Imagine a border between what is in before of your eyes and what is behind your eyes and picture this border as being like a mirror. Picture, behind your eyes, a mirror of the object before you on the table. The image behind your eyes is identical to that which is before your eyes. Now try to change the width of the image before you. You will not be able to do this. Now try to change the width of the image behind your eyes. With a little practice, you will find that you can change the shape, colour and size of this image at will. This is the difference between the outer world and your own, private inner world. Write from this inner world – a place where you write the rules. A place where the structures and standards are under your control. A place where you are king of all you survey. Now get creative!
  • In your mind, place yourself on your deathbed and then look back on your life. What do you hope to see? What do you see yourself as having achieved with the time that you had in this place? Open your heart and see the things that you really enjoyed over the course of your life and then check how much time you spent doing things that you didn’t really enjoy. Hopefully not – but some of you may find that your life has been weighted towards unenjoyable things that you did due to a misplaced sense of duty, or a set of wrong beliefs about the world. Now bring yourself back to the here and now and take stock of what you can achieve with the time left to you. Remember the things that will be important for you to have achieved. Remember how they made you feel at the end of your life. Now go forward and devote all your strength to fulfilling your hopes and dreams. If this relates to writing your magnum opus – then get started now. If you see yourself as being a person who puts themselves in writing, in print and in the world – then do it. But remember – you only get one shot at this so make it count.
  • Identify what’s holding you back. Get yourself and paper and pen and a little piece of time; ten minutes should do it. Write down all the excuses that you make to yourself for not getting on with your writing. Go.       What? That’s ten minutes gone already? Nah – impossible. Write. Now!       Okay – back? Good. Now write at the top of your list in big capital letters: ‘THESE ARE EXCUSES AND I WILL NOT LET THEM HOLD ME BACK’. Then sit up straight in your chair and rip that sheet of paper into as many small pieces as you can manage and flush it down the loo next time you go for a pee. That’s where excuses deserve to be. Now take a fresh sheet of paper and start writing, and then take another, and another. But this time – there’s no time limit.
Then, when you’ve done all that, drag yourself back from your mind, untangle yourself from your earbuds, shut down that laptop and go out dancing! I mean – it’s Friday night – what are you doing stuck in on your own? Get out and cut yourself a big slice of life and ram it down your throat as fast as you possibly can!

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