Let Your Characters Talk

Two of my characters were walking down Bootham into York city centre and one of them suddenly asks the other what her favourite flavour ice cream is. I was typing this up thinking to myself ‘I wonder where he’s going with this’ – I had absolutely no idea how this would fit in the story. As she was telling him ‘pistachio and vanilla’ an ice cream van came around the corner! And in my mind I’m wondering if my character asked her that because he had heard the chimes of the ice cream van and had then formed the idea of buying her an ice cream. And yeah – you might say that it’s all in my head, but that ice cream van seemed to surprise me a lot more than it did my character.

I was going to condense that up into a general principle, but the title says what I want to say already, and I’m sure the above paragraph explains the rest – so I’ll just ask this one question to you: have you had a similar experience? Or am I just being bonkers here.


2 thoughts on “Let Your Characters Talk

  1. Sometimes one of my characters will do or say something that surprises me. It seems that they have a life of their own at times. I sometimes interview my characters and the answers they give to my questions are often a surprise. So you aren’t the only one.

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