If you want to make your writing shine you have to plumb your depths and embrace what you find there. And don’t just go into the basement – take a shovel down there and start digging! Find the deep sources of your emotions. Find the places where your power resides. Here are a few ways to explore your psyche:

  • Take a black marker pen and a big sheet of paper and write down all the things that your father has done to destroy your self esteem. Be brutal, honest and so hurtful that you can imagine him raging over the words you have unlocked. When you have finished – burn it immediately.
  • Approach a stranger in the street and say something genuinely nice to them. Not nice as in ‘your hair looks lovely today’ but something that comes from emotion. Something spontaneous and deeply truthful.
  • Write a red hot sex scene that embraces all those feelings inside you that you would normally run a mile from, and make sure that you engage with those feelings to their full extent. Love them, live them, be them.
  • Pick someone that has changed your life for the better and write them a letter that fully expresses your gratitude towards them, and include all the details about how they made you feel and what you did as a consequence.
  • Write a heartfelt and honest eulogy for someone that you love, and as you write it – imagine how you will feel when you read it out, at their funeral in front of all your friends and family. Picture the scene as fully as you can.
These exercises are aimed at bringing the full range of your emotions to the surface so that they are accessible to you for your creative endeavours. If you feel that you need support whilst you do this – make sure that you have someone close that you can trust and rely on whilst you complete these exercises. We are never as alone as we fear we are.

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