Do It – Even if you don’t Feel like Doing It

Even when you don’t feel like writing at all – write. You’ll thank yourself in the long term.

For example – even when you don’t feel like writing a daily tip – write a daily tip.



12 thoughts on “Do It – Even if you don’t Feel like Doing It

    • I see that you’re a starting-at-the-beginning kind of a girl, Linda!
      You know – it’s interesting to watch people. When I was posting every day, people just read the most recent stuff (generally), but since I’ve taken a few days off to be on a remote island (Iona) people have started to look at the old stuff too.
      Makes me wonder what to do next.
      Oh, and you’re welcome. 🙂
      How’s your day going? Yes – this one. 😉


      • Thank you for asking how my day was.
        Actually I got very little writing done, so I’m glad to start  over with a new day.  Maybe today will be better.
        sincerely, Linda Rader

        Yahoo Mail Stationery

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      • You sound witty and warm. I appreciate that. I, on the hand, am direct and curmudeonly. We would make a nice pair. I could enjoy your company and you could tolerate mine. sincerely, Linda Rader

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      • Ah, the witty-and-warm act wins through again. 🙂
        I could go head to head with you for direct and curmudgeonly – and you would lose badly. 😉 (see!)
        But seriously – I think both our sets of parents taught us how to behave in the world, and we just choose where to apply those lessons – right? 😀


      • I am also reading Jane Austin’s Emma at the moment, so  my voice may take on regency airs. Beware after this I am reading the Magnificent Ambersons by Booth Tarkington. No telling how rude I’ll become while reading that. sincerely, Linda Rader

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      • It’s interesting that you should say that, Linda because I have been wondering if our reading matter affects how we write. Have you noticed that you are writing in a ‘regency’ style as you are reading Emma?
        What are you writing by the way? Wouldn’t it be funny if you were writing manuals for microwaves: “You may have lost your heart, but this Combi-Microwave Oven will not only allow you to regain your control, but will make the silly things you do cease to be silly; for men of sense, whatever you may choose to say, do not want silly wives. This impudent little oven combines the properties of a microwave with those of a traditional oven. The wide range of programming options makes it possible to choose your preparation method precisely because, let’s face it ladies, you always deserve the best treatment and you should never put up with any other.”
        Or something like that. 🙂


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