building a new character – a hybrid duck

A Hybrid Duck

age – 38 (irrelevant/superseded)
height – 3ft 6in (irrelevant/superseded)
assets – 36DD (irrelevant/superseded)
flaws – superiority complex (irrelevant/superseded)
sexuality – oh yes – very much yes
gait – a waddle
voice – quackish.

intelligence – stoopid
temperament – kind
happiness/unhappiness – happy
attitudes – impatient
self-knowledge – little
unconscious aspects – reincarnated priest.

family – large brood
friends – foxes
colleagues – no work
birthplace – farmyard
education – school of life
hobbies – quacking and breeding
beliefs – there is a Dog
values – loyalty
lifestyle – erm … the farmyard variety.

Personal history:
major events in their life (including the best and the most traumatic times) – birth, imprinting, getting scared by large animals, being protected by other large animals.


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