Things to Include in your Journal

Your journal might include:

  • general notes and sensory observations of the world around you
  • things you have seen or heard, felt or read – perhaps passages of other people’s writing, or turns of phrase that you admire
    words and word-derivations that are new or interesting to you
  • facts that you want to remember
  • lines or phrases that you might use in your work
  • images: postcards, pictures, photographs that are in some way significant to you, perhaps because they conjure up a scene or story that you might write about
  • descriptions or sketches of characters and places you might wish to write about
  • notes about periods in recent or distant history that you are interested in
  • ideas and plot lines that might be useful in future, or that you are gathering for particular pieces of work.

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4 thoughts on “Things to Include in your Journal

  1. Just curious – is the part about the old gentleman true? Perhaps he’s a lonely old soul who hates staying at home on his own and harasses all passers-by that happen to go through his territory? Or picks up a lucky few who are then destined to be his conversation partners each and every day, for all eternity? 🙂


    • Did you perhaps put this comment on the wrong post Dessie? This one is just a straight cut and paste from the course?
      But to answer your question – this geezer knows everyone that passes him on that road and they all know his name and they all say hello. I’m the only person I’ve seen stop and talk to him though. Shame really – he’s a diamond bloke.


      • Yup, I really have no idea how that comment ended up here … perhaps I’ve followed the wrong link or something? I was on my phone last evening, the internet connection played tricks on me and I had to load some pages several times, so … Well anyway, next time I’ll try to be more to the point 🙂


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