ideas for a story

The first thing mentioned on the radio was ‘censorship’. My character is Fatema who is eleven and wears a hair covering, favours black t-shirts with white stripes that look like skeleton ribs, is of medium height and has a bright sunny smile.
Her thoughts are of home life, the state of her country, reading classics and self-help books both in Arabic and English, talking to interesting people – mainly those at home and of the same religious and cultural persuasion, but sometimes not.
She is bright and happy, but worries about the future of her country and the government. She would love to be open, creative and travel widely, but fears that she will be enclosed in her country, religion and eventually her marriage to the exclusion of the things she loves.
Fatema is located in Cairo, Egypt in a small apartment in the middle of a sea of buildings, but the story is located by the beach where she loves to wander and speak to the sea – for the sea knows no censorship and she is free to be herself.
Fatema’s back story revolves around family and family friends. She enjoys school and mixes with the other children well, but always keeps a part of herself to herself. She has no real close friends, preferring to read books instead and search for interesting things and people on the internet. She is aware of the dangers of the internet, but considers herself to be mature and sensible enough to know what she is doing.
In the world Fatema is reserved around people even though she has ample social skills and opportunities to make enough superficial friends so that she fits in enough to avoid teasing and negative attention. She is always kind and attentive to her family and is willing to give help whenever required. She is a dutiful daughter who keeps her eyes down but her heart and mind up.


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