you didn’t decide to do that – your identical twin did it for you

I’m reading a book by Steven Pinker called ‘Blank Slate’ that argues that we are not born as blank slates but that we have systems already in place that enable us to learn etc. One part of the evidence for this relates to identical twins, particularly those who have been separated at birth and subsequently reunited. They found that there were many similarities between the twins in terms of habits, lifestyle, ways of thinking, dress sense, career choices etc. despite the fact that they had never communicated.
It makes you think really – that if you had just decided to take up a writing course and had decided to set an alarm to wake up and then decided to write about the noises around you and decided to post a comment on the forum about it and then, just as you pressed ‘Post’ … the phone rang and when you picked it up, you found that you were speaking to your identical twin, the one you had never been aware of.
During the conversation you discovered that your twin had also just joined a writing course – and it turned out to be the same one that you are on. On top of that your twin loved to wake up naturally, yet had recently started setting an alarm to wake up and it was at this point that you wondered how much discretion the “you” making the decisions actually had if they could have been “predicted in advance, at least probabilistically, based on events that took place in your mother’s Fallopian tubes decades ago?”
I don’t know about you, but it makes my mind turn somersaults!


6 thoughts on “you didn’t decide to do that – your identical twin did it for you

  1. It’s nice to think that my musings are the birthplace of all the good stories out there, but it’s rather unlikely. All the same – I wish! 😉
    But seriously – yes – all my stories start with a musing of some sort or other – thanks for reminding me.


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