Robots at the End of Time (of Men)

So – the universe is undifferentiated quantum noise until humans come along and observe it and ‘collapse the wave function’ into material objects like mountains, building, cats and cheese sandwiches. They can do that because they are conscious.

If there were no humans, then the universe would revert to undifferentiated quantum noise and any trees that fell in the woods would not make a sound – primarily because there are no trees.

At the end of time (for men) and the robots have long since taken over after having eliminated all those pesky human beings, apart from one breeding pair (just in case), there may be a discussion.

The two factions are:
1 – those who believe that robots are (merely) intelligent
2 – those who believe that robots are fully conscious beings.

The discussion is about whether the last humans can be safely killed off, or not. The ones who believe that robots are intelligent are afraid that everything will disappear on a puff of quantum logic if the humans were killed off and the ones who maintain the robots are conscious believe that everything will be ok.

Interesting discussion?