If you’re angry all the time then does the world get angry back at you?

If you’re loving does the world love you back?

If you give and direct thoughts, words and actions at inanimate objects then probably not, but the world is full of thinking and sensing things and if you are angry with them from close enough they will probably give you back some stick.

If you love your partner he/she/it will love you back in equal measure, unless of course he/she/it is like really  – hmm, I was going to say different  or something like that, but really I meant something like dense or having a shield – but anyway – unless this is true, whatever it is, you will get back what you aimed in their direction.

Is this because there is a law that says this will happen – y’know like karma or something? Maybe; but another reason could be that people are copy-cats in that they will mimic what is in front of them; we are all trying to find survival mechanisms and one way of surviving is to copy what looks like a good idea, hoping that it will help us to get by that thing.

I’m not expressing this well – maybe because I just thought of it.

If you want to get by a person, then the best way to do that is to act like them. This is because people like people who are like them and will let them get by them.

Maybe we don’t notice people that are like us as much as we notice people that are different. So, if we are copying people then it will seem as if what we give is what we get and this will seem like an immutable law of the universe.

Even animals copy. Cant think of an example right now, but don’t dogs sometimes look like their owners and stuff. Hmm – maybe it’s just thinking creatures that copy. Not sure if an antelope would get by, by roaring and prancing about like a lion. But hey -if it had the brains then maybe it could. Worms masquerading as falcons in order to scare off sparrows? Maybe not – but there are always exceptions to every good rule. I guess plants don’t do much giving back. Same with rocks.

Let’s say that it just applies to people and then we can leave it there.

So – in conclusion – be nice to people.


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