Self Extruding Wiring

I was in the shower thinking about connected homes (as you do) and the thought popped into my head that what we need, in order to connect every device up easily and efficiently, is Self Extruding Wiring.
This would be in the form of a central box – possibly hooked into the router/wireless hub – that can intelligently detect any and all electric and electronic devices in the home, and extrude wiring in those directions in order to connect each device to this central controller.
Obviously we would need to be fully in control of these central devices – otherwise you’re going into scary science fiction scenarios where machines take over the home.
This Self Extruding Wiring would have the ability to penetrate through walls and woodwork – it would then need to splice safely into the wiring of the controlled device.
I’m not really sure how controlling a device would work – can a device be controlled via the power cable, or would there need to be further infiltration of systems? I guess it depends on the type of device it is. Devices that are just powered by electricity, but need the user to turn a dial to access the functions might be more problematic, but I would imagine devices that have some sort of on-board processor could be controlled easily enough. Simple devices, that just have on/off states would be a snap – think light bulbs.
Once these things are under central control – to whatever extent is possible – it would be a snap to hook them up to Smartphone apps and internet control – in fact, all that stuff is there already.
All we need to complete the loop is Self Extruding Wiring.

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