Making My Own Reality

Couple of things happened the last few days that made me pause.

The first thing happened a couple of days ago when I was reading a book (Stoner by John Williams if you’re interested – skip the part in the brackets if you’re not. What’s that? ‘Tool late!’ you cry. OK, just to make it worth stopping now, I’m just going to type some random words that you can avoid grean ypres frome gurky swame and grolly driv swerthy upsomt. There). I put it down for a few seconds to take a bite of my sandwich. To my surprise I found that I hadn’t stopped reading the story, even though the book was face down on the table. In fact, what I was doing was carrying on writing the the next lines of the story in my own head, that is to say, I was writing my own version. Boy did that feel freaky!

The other thing happened just this morning. I’d finished writing a few words for Camp NaNoWriMo (see earlier post) and was in the process of putting the laptop away on top of the wardrobe. My state of mind could be described as ‘distracted’ probably because I was running late. Whilst in this state, I walked into the wrong room and started to put my laptop on top of a wardrobe that didn’t exist; except that, for a half of a second, it did! As I hoisted the laptop up into thin air, I watched my mind distinctly form the image of a wardrobe top. For half a second, the wardrobe was there, solid as anything. I was lucky it was only there for a second, otherwise I would have popped the laptop on top of it and it would have puffed out of existence along with my imaginary wardrobe!

Or maybe not.